Don't call me Alexander
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The name is Alexander Moriarty, but if you want to live then I'd suggest that you call me Alex. I am 22 years old and son to the most dangerous man in London, and possibly the world.. Don't let that scare you, though. As long as you stay on my good side you should be fine.

{Independent RP blog set in the BBC Sherlock fandom. Multi-verse. Multi-fandom. Multi-ship. Will roleplay with anybody, just tag me as alexandermoriarty. Blog may be NSFW or triggering at times. Mun is of age and so is muse.}
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M!A: None, but accepting.

Off to Didny Lannnn! :D

Watching the Craig episode that we watched live earlier is so surreal! And awesome. :)

I have been in the same room as Craig Ferguson! *heart eyes*
And Sarah Paulson from AHS. :D
Awesome day.

if any mutuals want my number/kiik/skype, feel free to hit me up :)

Today’s agenda:
Walt Disney Concert Hall - done
Union Station - done*
Walt Disney’s gravesite - done
CBS for Craig Ferguson taping - on the way after we get lunch

*I stood where Coulson did! :D And Ward when he was aiming at Mike Peterson.

[text:] So I haven’t even been gone a day yet and I already miss you.. Any ideas as to why that is? xAM

we made it to california! and I can see the Disneyland fireworks from our hotel roommm :D