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The name is Alexander Moriarty, but if you want to live then I'd suggest that you call me Alex. I am 22 years old and son to the most dangerous man in London, and possibly the world.. Don't let that scare you, though. As long as you stay on my good side you should be fine.

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Imagine you've just been granted three wishes. What do you wish for and why?
Inquiries Anonymous

"Three wishes? Huh.."


Alex chewed at the inside of his lip as he thought, staring blankly at the wall ahead of him. It was a difficult question. “Wow, I don’t know. I guess..”

His gaze dropped, expression serious as his shoulders lifted in a small shrug. “I guess my first wish is to be free of my father. You know, like I could leave my job and move away and he wouldn’t try to track me down. I would finally have a chance at the freedom I’ve been longing for my whole life. I would be able to get a legitimate job, and to focus on my music..” Getting out from underneath Jim’s thumb was probably his biggest wish, and he had a hard time thinking of two more.

"As for the other two wishes.." He blew out a breath, his brows drawing together as he thought. "Finding true love would be nice. I know that probably sounds terribly sappy, but I wouldn’t mind finding that special someone with the help of a wish, maybe settling down somewhere nice and starting a family.." The one-night stands were fun, but eventually he knew he wanted something more, something that would last.

He grinned as an idea for a third wish hit him, carding his fingers through his hair. “And for my final wish, I know you can’t wish for more wishes, but I would have to go with wishing that I could wish for more wishes. That’s got to work, right?” Alex laughed. “Then I could wish for anything, no matter how small or stupid, and I wouldn’t have to worry about limiting my options to three choices.”

"So there, nonnie. There’s my three wishes. I hope I didn’t disappoint."



        “A drink, yeah. Or, like… five. Or you could just punch me in the face. Anything, really.” The pen in her hand was tapping rapidly against her textbook. It was even annoying her, really, but she couldn’t seem to stop.

        Alex noticed the tapping pen and quickly took a step forward to cover her hand with his own, silencing it. “Hey. Babe. Take a deep breath, okay?” Plucking the pen from her fingers, he tucked it into his back pocket. “Now. What would you like to drink?”



        “Dear Lord, Alex. I’m not asking for miracles.
        Just - no American-cut suits. They’re called
        ‘sack’ cuts for a reason. They’re horrible.”

        “Who can tell the difference?” He certainly
        couldn’t. “Is this an American cut?” Alex
        questioned, motioning to his suit.

Peri, Jemma, Thatcher
Inquiries Anonymous

Fuck: Thatcher
Take a bullet for: Peri
Murder: Jemma

[a little harder than the last one.. Alex isn’t happy with murdering Jemma, but *loud sighing*]

Marlene, Peri, Jemma
Inquiries Anonymous

Fuck: Peri
Take a bullet for: Jemma
Murder: Marlene

[xD so terrible I’m sorry @theartistmissholmes]


Send three names:

Take a bullet for.

"—Precisely." Marlene beamed, soon nodding her head at his suggestion.

"Outside would be perfect!" She was hoping he’d want to sit outside. Nodding to him as he opened the door and mouthing a small 'thank you', Marlene stepped outside and placed her bowl on the tabletop of one of the nearest tables to them; taking a seat and crossing her legs as she gestured for Alex to sit across from her.

"—You were right, it feels wonderful out here! Thank goodness for Fall coming!” she smiled, taking a brief look at their surroundings before bringing her gaze back to him and dipping her spoon in her bowl to take her first spoonful of ice cream. After her first bite, Marlene grinned— chuckling a bit from the sudden brain freeze as she covered her mouth with her hand and waited for it to pass before swallowing.

"—Ahh! I think I was a bit too excited for ice cream— I almost forgot how cold it was!” she laughed.

Alex waited until Marlene chose a table, sitting across from her and stretching out his legs, crossing them at the ankles. He relaxed back in his chair, holding his bowl in front of him as he began eating. “It does feel wonderful.. I can’t wait until it cools down. All this heat is killing me.” He preferred winter and fall over summer and spring any day. Though it was pretty once everything started blooming in the spring, eventually it just got too hot and uncomfortable to be outside for a long time.

Gazing around at the street around them, his eyes focused back on Marlene as he heard her chuckle, watching her curiously for a moment. “Ah,” he laughed as she explained, nodding a bit as he took another bite. “Yeah, you have to be careful with this stuff. It’s dangerous for your brain once you start eating too fast. You know..” Alex sat forward, placing his bowl on the table. “The cure for a brain freeze is to press your fingertip against the roof of your mouth. It seems to work, at least for me. Next time you eat Rocky Road too fast, try that,” he teased with a grin.

"I woke up wanting your
lips on mine.
I woke up wanting your
arms around my waist.
I woke up wanting our
hands laced together.
I woke up wanting to
gaze in your eyes.
I woke up
wanting you."

Want (via barbieandken)